Forklift Training

counterbalance training course


The most common type of forklift used. The load is offset by the weight at the rear.

reach truck training course

Reach Truck

Reach forklift trucks have stabilising legs, and can reach heights in excess of 10m. It can operate in narrow spaces.

telehandler training course


The Telescopic Handler is Widley used in the construction industry due to their adaptability and maneouverabrility.

pivot forklift training

Pivot Steer

The Pivot Steer Forklift (also known as, Bendi or Flexi truck), has an articulated mast that makes them multifunctional. This eliminates double handling of loads as well as optimising storage space in the warehouse.

  • Counterbalance Training
    Counterbalance Training
  • Reach Truck Training
    Reach Truck Training
  • Telescopic Training
    Telehandler Training
  • Bendi Training
    Bendi / Flexi Training